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Miscellaneous Storyboards

The following storyboard is a project slugged to the audio of an old radio show known as "Danger Dr. Danfield." From what I've been told, this radio show is actually public domain, but regardless, I don't intend to make money off of this. As you may see, I started having fun with the dialogue near the end.

This storyboard is an attempt at making an action sequence, where two criminals attempt to rob a woman, but they quickly realize they picked the wrong fight. (No sound)

The following storyboard is my comedic take on the classic fantasy tale of a brave knight on a quest to slay a dragon and rescue the damsel in distress. I voiced the knight and the wizard, and the princess was voiced by Jennie Ruger, a good friend of mine.

This next storyboard is based off of the music it's timed to: the sea shanty known as "Wellerman," specifically the one performed by the musical group "The Longest Johns." I don't intend to make money off of it, I just thought it'd be fun since I already have original sailor characters. I'd love to do more with their music (also just for fun, of course!)

This storyboard features characters for my original video game universe of Steadfast. This particular story is about a character's (Orion's) first time visiting a new planet. A timed storyboard and individual panels are both available here.

If you liked this storyboard, be sure to check out all the development material for Steadfast!

(Panel count is about 40)

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