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Video Game Character Designs

The characters found here are designed with the intention of being playable in a video game. As someone who plays lots of games, these characters were some of my favorite to create!

This first trio of characters are the non-human Champions from my original game universe of Steadfast. First we have Orion, the hero from planet Plorvunae who wields the power of water. Second is Halcyone, a heroine from Totzaaronl who commands the wind. Third is Dahlia from planet Carbotia. She controls grass and plants alike.

Below are some resources that use some slightly outdated designs.

If you like these characters, please check out the dedicated Steadfast page I have for this world and its characters!

The rest of the characters below are for another project I'm working on with a close friend of mine: a fighting game called "Timestoppers" (working title). I've only designed three characters so far, but they were made with specific roles and playstyles in mind.